Mission & Vision Statements

Our Mission:

O. E. F.  Seventh Generation is dedicated to serving and promoting the health and sustainability of Mother Earth for all her descendants including all creeds, races, and nations – believing together we can work to improve lives and conditions by increasing global awareness we are all connected as a “One Earth Family.”

Our Vision:

Key goals guiding our mission include addressing environmental sustainability, promoting the survival of Native American culture, beliefs and spirituality, and the creation of a ‘base of operations’ community and conference center on rural acreage to demonstrate the viability of permaculture lifestyles and to produce and support creative media to advance these holistic messages. This will include educational curriculum to inform students and the general public of human inter-connectedness, environmental sustainability options, and the nobility of sacred indigenous traditions honoring Earth’s natural elements and creation.

1. Creation of a conference center on rural acreage for gatherings, sacred/ prayer ceremonies, inspirational classes, and spiritual/educational workshops such as elder’s teachings, Yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, permaculture education and instruction, arts and crafts, and music and drums.
2. Production of farm and ranch products such as fruits, eggs and vegetables.
3. Production of wood and carpentry designed products including designing and erecting our own structures and buildings. (Nathan has left us with significant carpentry tools and machinery for a well set-up workshop.)
4. Regenerating and healing degraded, damaged, over-farmed and/or polluted acreage, for use and resale.
5. Producing “Environmental-sustainability,” educational curriculum for school districts throughout the US.
6. Promoting and supporting like-minded environmental causes and organizations.
7. Producing artistic audio and visual media from our recording studio offering support to spiritual and environmental projects and artists.
8. It has been proposed we create camping facilities for a holistic, meditative and healing environment.
9. Writing and applying for corporate and government grants.
10. Establishing this open web page to inform, encourage membership and to inspire public offerings of support.

Broad Range Goals
I. The goal of having rural acreage for gatherings, community, a conference center and retreat is fundamental to achieving the legacy of our founder Nathan Standing Bear. Land also provides revenue opportunities from production of goods to workshops and various public interactions.

II. Our community model gains inspiration from others who are living in self-sufficient sustainable communities in combination with our own evolving vision emanating from the diverse skills of our community while fulfilling the legacy of Nathan “Standing Bear” whose aim was to create a spiritual community to serve the goals of the greater good and environmental sustainablity.

III. He conveyed detailed instructions pertaining to the creation of this “O.E.F. Seventh Generation” nonprofit we are dedicating to the purpose of promoting the idea of global unity as a concept acknowledging the reality that over seven billion citizens of planet Earth are in fact a “One Earth Family.” Fundamentally we stand with the belief we are a part of, and connected to, our environment; the Earth, the water, the sky, all living creatures and the stars above from where our souls and bodies have emanated. Life is sacred. Much is sacred. To live with consciousness, this reality, is enriching, and the heart of wisdom.