Vision Quest Camp from May 24-30, 2022 at Mud Springs, CA

Dearest Family,

We will be holding a Vision Quest camp from May 24-30, 2022 at Mud Springs, CA.   

Vision Quest or Hanbleycia is a ceremony in which one cries for a vision.  

Generally, this is how it works:

You would gift an elder sponsor an offering of tobacco.  If they accept the sponsorship, then they will fill you in on the details.  We have been asking questers to make 405 tobacco prayer ties that will form the boundary of their altar (hocoka).  In addition, willow sticks are gathered to hold prayer flags for the 7 directions, and sage is gathered to lay along the boundary of your altar for protection.  You will then listen to Spirit to tell you how long you should be out on your altar.  You will walk the land to find the spot to which you are directed for your altar.  

During the vision quest you will fast from water and food.  You will remain on your altar except when you need to relieve yourself.  Before going out, we will hold a 2 door lodge for you.  At the end of that lodge you will be inside the spirit world.  You will lead us out to the spot you have chosen.  You will stay there until Spirit tells you that you are finished.  As you return to the camp, you are still in the spirit world.  We will put you in a release lodge to finish the last 2 rounds and you will be served a small sacred meal of four ingredients to ground you back into the material world. After this we will welcome you home.

Vision Quest is not for everyone, however all Vision Quest camps require supporters to help gather wood to keep the fire going for as long as the questers are out, to help feed the camp, to eat, drink and hold space for the questers, to fire-tend (as the fire is kept lit the entire time questers are out on the hill), and to help in other ways.  We will be having lodges and teachings while the questers are out as well.  People of all ages are welcome to come lend support.

We set up a kitchen which will serve two meals per day.  We will also have gluten free and vegetarian options.  Participants are encouraged to bring snacks and any specialty foods they may require.  You are encouraged bring vegetables and fruits to contribute to the group meals, or snacks to share.  Please bring drinking water. We will have a donation jar available to help cover camp costs–food, propane, tp, infrastructure costs, etc.

We are creating an Elder fund, to help our elders travel to our camp.  This is a precious investment which provides the opportunity for us to learn. In so doing,  the teachings of the red road can become part of us and be passed down to generations to come.  This is a BIG part of the mission of OEF Seventh Generation, Inc that is sponsoring this VQ camp.  Please send donations to my Venmo account:  Sarah-Teresa Bennett @OEF-7th-Gen.

General Schedule:

Tuesday, May 24

  • People arrive and set up individual camps.  Please note No fires allowed outside the community kitchen and the sacred circle.
  • Soup served in the evening, followed by a discussion of the camp protocols.

Wednesday. May 25

  • Continental breakfast.
  • Community kitchen set up
  • Set up water
  • Dress lodge and set up sacred space
  • Gather wood
  • Finish orchard toilet /set up handwashing station
  • Evening meal

Thursday, May 26

  • (Lodge sometime today)
  • Community Breakfast
  • Questers find their spots, gather sagebrush, finish last minute preparations.
  • Supporters help modify the questers altars–cut branches, move plants,  rake/ level the area
  • Continue gathering wood.
  • Evening Meal
  • Campfire/sacred fire teaching

Friday, May 27

  • Continental Breakfast
  • 2 door Purification lodge for questers–community welcome
  • Take questers out to their spots
  • Community Breakfast
  • Wood gathering/firetending (24 hrs)
  • Eat, drink, and keep space for questers
  • Community lodge and teaching
  • Evening meal

Saturday, May 28

  • Community Breakfast
  • 2 door Release lodge for Lucy–community welcome
  • Wood Gathering/firetending (24 hrs)
  • Eat, drink, and keep space for questers
  • Teachings
  • Evening meal

Sunday, May 29

  • Continental Breakfast
  • 2 door release lodge for other questers–community welcome
  • Community Breakfast
  • Breakdown sacred circle, undress initi
  • Family time/teachings
  • Evening meal/campfire stories

Monday, May 30

  • Community Breakfast
  • Put away initi blankets
  • Tear down community kitchen
  • Roll up hoses
  • Tear down own camps
  • Lunch
  • Say our goodbyes

Please let me know if you intend to come.  Message me or call/text if you have that information.  I will send you the directions.  

I love you.  May you be blessed.   Mitakuye oyasin.

Grandma Sarah