Elements Celebration: October 12-15, 2023 at Mud Springs, CA

Welcome to O.E.F. – One Earth Family’s Elements Gathering, a sacred tradition that has been nurturing spirits and forging connections since its inception in 2013. As we embark on our third cycle of this extraordinary gathering, we honor the visionaries, ‘Bob Dances Under the Sun’ and ‘Nathan Standing Bear’, who brought this vibrant tapestry of cultures and elements together.

From the mesmerizing hoop dances of Pine Ridge to the wisdom of elders from lands near and far, our Elements Celebration is a tapestry woven with threads of unity, forgiveness, and reverence for the Earth. We’ve held water blessings and forgiveness ceremonies, forging a deep connection to the elements of fire, earth, water, and air.

Our intention is simple yet profound: to gather on sacred ground, deepening our bonds with ourselves, each other, the land, and Spirit. With hearts full of care and love, we come together to focus, pray, connect, and play amidst the natural elements that sustain us.

Join us from October 12-15 for a transformative experience that will nourish your soul, ignite your spirit, and remind you that we are all part of One Earth Family. Let’s celebrate the elements that unite us and forge a brighter, more connected future.

Schedule of Events

Thurs, Oct 12–Fire Day:

We celebrate our beginnings–that explosion, it is said, that sent out the splinters of light contained in all things, that spark of love that set life in motion for each of us… the power of fire to transform (new beginnings).

Activities: Wood gathering, teachings about fire, sharing origin stories and what we are passionate about. Connect with ancestors who sat at the fire and dreamed/prayed for us.

Fri, Oct 13—Earth Day:

We celebrate the physicality of all our relations. Here on earth, our spirit is robed in our Grandmother/ Mother—Unci Maka. She feeds our bodies, shelters and heals us, and delights us with her beauty.

Activites: Seed planting, Permaculture teaching, sharing stories of healing.

Sat, Oct 14—Water Day:

Mini wiconi (Water is life!) Mini wakan (Water is sacred!) Women are said to be the keepers of the waters–we celebrate the Sacred feminine. We pray for the healing of the waters of the world and for the healing powers of water within and without.

Activities: Annular Solar Eclipse 8:00 am-11:00 am, Carpool to GONA at BAIHP (optional), water blessing, sharing stories.

Sun, Oct 15—Air Day:

We celebrate God’s breath, our breath, the movement of the Spirit through all our relations. It is a day that some will leave our company, as if on the wind, for commitments and other necessities.

Activities: Forgiveness Ceremony at dawn. This is a ceremony Basil Brave Heart gave us permission to facilitate. (Look up his name online), wopila feast (potluck)

Elements Gathering Forgiveness (Woakiktunze) Ceremony–Air Day,

Sunday Oct 15, 2023

This transformative ritual, birthed by Basil Brave Heart, an Oglala Lakota Iyeska, traces its origins to the profound vision of his grandmother, Lucy Black Bear Tyon, born in 1884. Her life was a tapestry woven with cultural shifts, hardships, and enduring traumas, yet she imparted to Basil the profound wisdom of forgiveness. Despite the oppression her people faced, she believed the oppressors were unaware of their actions. Like a crushed flower releasing its healing fragrance when touched, she passed on this gift through Basil.

The Forgiveness Ceremony holds the power to mend deep-seated conflicts and grievances carried by generations. It offers solace to individuals clinging to pain and misunderstandings, providing a path to release. It is a balm for generational traumas. We extend an invitation to all, even from afar, to partake in this transformative ritual. As with all ceremonies, it begins with your intention to participate.

At home make a bundle of red cloth that contains:

1. Craft 80 blue prayer ties with a deep spiritual connection. Infuse them with intention for self, others, and the planet. Choose a serene space, free from distractions like TV or conversation. Consider lighting a smudge, if possible, both before and after creating these ties to enhance their sacred energy..

2. Any or all of the following: tobacco, sage, sweet grass, cedar, bear root

3. Optional, yet recommended: written prayer/letter

Bring the Bundle to Air Day on October 15—at dawn

  • Fire is lit predawn and kept burning through ceremony.
  • We gather at the ceremony circle (hocoka) at dawn.
  • There will be 4 rounds of 4 songs each in the hocoka. There will be a rest time between.
  • Your bundle will be laid down at the west gate in the 3rd round and then picked up in the 4th.
  • You will carry your bundle to the initi area and lay it down on the blanket provided.
  • We will have a 4 door Inipi.
  • You will pick up your bundle and let it go into the transformative power of the sacred fire.
  • If you brought and filled your cannupa, you smoke it now.
  • We celebrate with a Wopila Feast (potluck)
  • If you cannot attend, yet want to participate, please make your bundle. Stay with us in prayer in the morning of Air Day and then burn your bundle.

Further Event Details

  • You are invited to bring into this gathering the richness of your own traditions, gifts, and stories. All our contributions make the celebration.
  • We value the opportunity to pass on traditions to the youngers. Bring your kids/grandkids.
  • People and dog friendly, kitchen mannered 4 leggeds are welcome.
  • Bring dishes to share, veggies/fruit/other to create community meals, ice, drinks, refillable water containers.
  • Breakfast—hot cereal, fruit, yogurt, nuts, hard boiled eggs
  • Lunch—sandwich makings, salad, fruit
  • Dinners—soup, pasta/rice dishes, tacos/burritos, and/or salad
  • Leave behind drugs and alcohol–we gather with Spirit to guide and take us to new heights.
  • We have water, composting toilets, a shower, cooking facilities and a sheltered gathering area.
  • Our well water is high pH and in fluoride. We have filters at certain faucets. You are welcome to bring drinking water, if you are concerned.
  • This land is sloped, so bring walking shoes.
  • Women are expected to wear skirts and modest tops in ceremony.
  • We will have a give away on Sunday. Bring something to add to the blanket.
  • In the spirit of reciprocity, we will have a donation jar available to those who would like to contribute.

*Each day: Pre-dawn 2-door lodge, arts/craft table, games, simple healthy meals, camp fire

Please call/text Kevin Henson at (661) 808-3514 or Sarah Bennett at (661) 747-7678 to let us know if you intend to come or if you have questions.

Directions to Mud Springs

Mud Springs, California 93518

(MUD SPRINGS it is plural– Springs!)

Whether you are traveling off of Hwy 99 or 14,  get yourselves to Hwy 58 and head toward Tehachapi.
You will look for the turn off to Caliente.  (It is actually Bealville Rd, which turns into Caliente Creek Rd.)  If you are coming from the desert, you will go  through Tehachapi and at about 30 from the Mojave turn off, you will turn right at the Caliente turn off.   If you are coming from Bakersfield, you will go about 24 mi. from the exit off of 99.   You will  see a cell tower on a hill up ahead.  You will turn left there at the Caliente turn off.
It is about 22.5 miles from Hwy 58 to Quiet Arrow:
Caliente Creek Rd winds through the beautiful water course of Caliente Creek.  You will drive through the community of Twin Oaks.  Caliente Creek Rd will start ascending out of the valley and you will see a green meadow on the right.  Start looking for Quiet Arrow.
Turn right and follow it a short distance (0.3 mi) to where it ends at Big Springs Rd.  Turn right.  You will drive (0.4 mi)  past a ranch close to the road, penned cattle, and  Ruff House Ranch  (36805 Big Springs Rd).  At Ruff House, the road curves to the left (east).  Our property abuts Ruff House Ranch to the east.  The gate has a red flag.  WELCOME!
GPS: 35.3588289, 118.3745350