Camp in Place 2020- Virtual Gathering

Date of Gathering: May 28-31, 2020 via zoom

Seeking meaning and a clearer connection with Spirit and all our relations? You are hereby invited to come and join our virtual gathering, “Camp In Place 2020.”

We would normally be hosting our Hanbleceya camp at this time of year, but due to the corona virus shelter-in-place restrictions we’ve gone virtual! Share in the prayers, ceremony, singing, stories and teachings while practicing social distancing. Nourish your soul with four days of songs (olowan), classes, special sharing times and ceremony around the theme of “Creating Sacred Space.”

This Zoom virtual gathering will be hosted from a live lodge setting held by Sarah and Scott Smith in Southern California. Come warm your heart by the fire, which will be broadcast live in between Zoom sessions.

Classes and sessions will also be offered by elders, teachers and healing practitioners from other locations.

A “Camp Prep Meeting” is scheduled on Wednesday evening, 5/27 at 6 pm. Early the next morning on 5/28, Camp In Place 2020 will open with a Sunrise Prayer Song at 6:30am.

Videos of OEF’s founding brother, Nathan Standing Bear, will be included in each day’s schedule of Zoom sessions.

Please email for login information and receive your menu of soul nourishing offerings in the Camp Schedule.

And please SPREAD THE WORD so others can enjoy this unique, intention-focused four day event!

As always, we’d love to hear (or see) your ideas, questions, thoughts, etc.

Looking forward to seeing and hearing each of you very soon!

Mitakuye oyasin!